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Artist: Mammoth Ulthana (@)
Title: Particular Factors
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Distributor: Alchembria
Rated: *****
After the well-reviewed debut album, the duo of Jacek Doroszenko and Rafal Koacki returns with another release where their sound is enriched and multifaceted. While, according to the liner notes, this released aims to "compose a story about an ancient community that uses the phenomenon of sound as a medium to express a deep connection with nature" the result is a little more complex. While Koacki, using ethnic instruments as animal horns or rattles, pulls the release towards world music territories, Doroszenko, using electronics or prepared piano, pulls towards contemporary or EAI territories so the album is based upon a constant tension between the two path which conquers the listener's attention.
The pulsations of "Antiphase" open this release dialoguing with the metallic drumming and the pipes to construct something between ethnic and ambient music; to further enhance this setup, the second part of this release is based on gongs and piano. Apart from the use of the rattles, "Throat" is more oriented on a meditate sound based on the resonances of the instruments. The soundscape of "UV Garden" is almost perfectly juxtaposed by gongs and bells while "Basilisk" is almost an interlude for pipes and percussions. "Carbon" returns to path where the timbres of the instruments are meditatively explored while "Sove" is almost aggressive as it explores the noisy properties of their sound. "Saurr" is an interlude starting as an abstract track evolving into a percussive one. "Baldr" is based upon the dialectic between slow sounds and fast ones so it sequences meditative moments to complex and fast ones resulting in the more fascinating track of this release. "Tombs" is divided into a meditative first part and a second one based on rattles and gongs. "Estate" is a noisy interlude so the percussions of "Ratatosk" introduce the final drones which close this release slowly ending in silence.
The complex writing of this release is at the base of a release which for one side it sounds as an evocative oriented release and from the other it sound as a contemporary release focused on the exploration of sound. Recommended for curious ears.

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