Music Reviews

Artist: Hyperbubble (@)
Title: Live in London
Format: CD
Label: Pure Pop For Now People (@)
Rated: *****
Synthpop duo Hyperbubble are back, this time with a LIVE album recorded at The Lexington in London, UK. I'm really this glad this latest release from the band wasn't another one of their indie flick soundtracks. Although they were a lot better on those than the amateur visual productions they scored for, I don't think they captured the essence of what the music of Jeff and Jess DeCuir is really all about, namely, FUN! This one does fer sure, and it will take you back to the early '80s where synthpop was in its heyday. The band breezes through a collection of its greatest hits, including "Candy Apple," "Girl Boy Pop Toy," Synesthesia," "Kinky," "Solid Pop," and "Bionic Girl," among others. For minimal synth fans this is a real delight, and Jess and Jeff prove they can deliver the goodies live, with plenty of snazzy vocoder too. "Better Set Your Phasers to Stun" was a Hyperbubble song I hadn't heard before and I found it quite amusing. These 11 songs whiz by very quickly, and I found myself wanting more, more, more. (Wondering if they did an encore...) The recording is very good and so was the performance. Speaking of More More More, I wonder if the band ever considered a remake of that old Andrea True disco hit by the same title. Hmmm...could be interesting...

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