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Artist: Big Hare (@)
Title: Hasyayoga
Format: CD
Label: Blowpipe Records (@)
Rated: *****
Big Hare is the duo of Luuk Ottenhof and Tim Fraanje from Ultrecht, Netherlands. I reviewed their 'Evening Rites' EP a while back and found it interesting, but after listening to 'Hasyayoga' it appears as though they were only getting started. There are only 8 tracks on this short album, but it seems quite sufficient. Right out of the gate on "Tahiti" and "Yellow Eyes" they show a quirky, wry pop sensibility akin to the more experimental side of Goldley and Creme, albeit somewhat more whacked-out and lo-fi. "Black Tape" is electro-funky with a chiming guitar strum borrowed from Bowie's "Fame", along with some steel drum. "Fun Face" gets into an electro groove ala Yello as if produced by The
Residents. The Snakefinger-ish guitar on "An Amazon" would seem to indicate the boys of Big Hare spent a lot of time listening to Ralph Records artists. Nowhere does the Dadaist influence emerge more fully than on the recitation incorporated into "Scissor Dance". Beeheart and Pere Ubu wrapped in a Middle Eastern motif as if done by Barnes & Barnes. "Lend me your hands, I ain't go no hands, I've taken part in the Scissor Dance." The weakest track on the album may be "Treehouse" but at least it has some eerie oscillating synth. It all ends with the lengthiest track on the album, "Follow the Lines" which is kinda coldwave, kinda industrial, done almost like the earliest Human League, but of course with Big Hare's innate quirkiness. There aren't many outfits making music like this anymore; stuff that's fun but not necessarily funny, unconventional without being outlandish, but most of all, enjoyable.

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