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Artist: Mingle (@)
Title: Static
Format: CD
Label: Kvitnu (@)
Rated: *****
The first seconds of "Final" - in spite of its name, it's the first track of this awesome album - could vaguely resemble the strings of "Yfirum" by Hilmar Ãrn Hilmarsson, but the direction that this output by Italian musician Andrea Gastaldello after dilutions of strings, that got wisely delayed and diluted over a metallic scratchy noise which could evoke the image of a painful laceration, is completely different and somehow unpredictable, even if the way by which he modelled his sound keeps on recalling some "deep" stuff of the Nordic scene that became remarkably popular in the first decade of the new millennium. The subterranean clicking, the ephemeral string-like whispers and the gradually ignited trigger of "Afterdark", the faint anxiety of the piercing narrow dynamics of the following "Words" and the almost chilling title-track "Static" wisely push listeners towards a sort of idle soul-scanning and such an introspective dimension doesn't really shows signs of subsidence during the first electro-mechanical subtle assault of the labyrinthine "Sevi Lwa", named after the branch of Voodoo which focuses on love spells. The thin air that sounds like getting excited by a crescendo of electronic percussions and sonic glare on "Dummies" and the temporary lukewarm quiet of "Slow" (featuring a sound which seems to come from old rotary dials) are the watersheds of "Static", whose temporary peace got definitively disturbed by the gloomy electrical throttling of "Conditions", which managed to hook some past listening memories such as Ltd.Noise, the almost unknown project by Paul Fishman - one of the founding members of Re-Flex - and Peter Gill - former drummer of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, or Danny Almonde. The cathartic defrosting on the beautiful "Solitude" and the humoral post-industrial traces on "Too Late" prepare the ground for the extremely catchy tones of "Fate", where the achieving of new insights seems to find a sort of sonic mirroring. Masterfully mastered by Eraldo Bernocchi.

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