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Artist: Krojc / Fischerle (@)
Title: John, Betty & Stella
Format: 12"
Label: Monotype (@)
Rated: *****
One of the most original releases that recently met my eardrums is this bizarre sonic collage that Polish musicians and producers Jakub Pokorski and Mateusz Wysocki, who amalgamated a series of fragments they took from one of those cassette-based educational English lessons for beginners that were quite popular in the 80ies. The source of these fragments is "Listen and learn" (authors: J. Smalska, J. Rusiecki, B. Krasnodebska - issued by Muza Polskie Nagrania) and it was quite bizarre to discover that this collection of innocent English lessons got mentioned in an academic study around the more or less subliminal role of media in the gender-specific division of roles and functions. The way they re-arranged different fragments are really funny as they built a proper and somehow thrilling plot, that got enhanced by a sort of audio commentary, which explores many different areas of electronic music on the basis of the textual content. For instance, the somehow disquieting hyper-reverberated orchestral mayhem after a voice announces a lesson about modern art perfectly renders John's inability to understand or empathize with modern painting unlike Stella in "Figure Behind You", the smokey techno movement they inoculated while Stella blames John for smoking too many cigarettes in the same track, the obsessive and piercing musical dramatization of John's headache and the psychotic slowed movement for a discussion about the recipes of porridge between John and Betty. The acme got reached on the final track "A Musical Evening" (Section 52 of the course!), where the authors build an amazing electronic movement in between Felix Kubin-like dadaism and sci-fi lounge music, that gradually interrupts as if the tape got more and more jammed, demagnetized or overwritten. A nice way to improve your English!

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