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Artist: Metzengerstein
Title: Alchemy To Our Days
Format: 12"
Label: Kohlhaas (@)
Rated: *****
The follow-up of the well received "Albero Specchio" is a release whose center is a form rooted at the more guitar oriented path of krautrock, so psychedelia is the other sonic reference of this band. However the field recordings of Giovanni Lami, and the presence of Virginia Genta and Marco Baldini, bring this release far from mere nostalgia to recover the principal aspect of that period: experimentation.
The field recordings of "BuraÃq" open this release as an introduction for the oriental flavor of the guitar that starts a meditative first part of the track while the second one is focused is focused on an acid guitar. The sax of Virginia Genta in "Conversion to Wha Wha" marks an intersection between the psychedelic structure of the band and free improvisation. The atmospheric first part of "Inlay Fern", based on guitar resonances and silences, is mirrored by the abrasive second part. The quiet strumming of "Black Son from the Ashes" evolves in evocative guitar lines. "Peak of Meditation" is almost a drone track floating in sounds rounding upon itself. "God Discent" alternates meditative moments to silence to harsher one closing this release with isolated notes.
This release shows how a codified form and a spartan setup (Metzengerstein are basically a rock trio) could bring a sound full of nuances as they are always searching some swerve in form and some details in execution. Truly recommended for all fans of this genre.

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