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Artist: Polwechsel (@)
Title: Untitled (No.7)
Format: 12"
Label: God Records (@)
Rated: *****
Some elements of this new output by the Wien-based supergroup of experimental improvisers brought my mind back to their self-titled debut album when the line-up was slightly different. There was Radu Malfatti, who recently focuses on extremely rarefied stuff (really close to silence), on that occasion, and there wasn't Burkhard Beins on percussions, but both records have references to directions. Geographical directions and compass points on their first release, x-, y- and z- axes in three-dimensional reference system seven albums later. Moreover the sound, coming from the aggregation of each performer, which probably will sound like Malfatti's quasi-silent ultraminimalist researches if they were performing as solo instruments, has some resemblances to that output, but time and mutual performative understanding play a really important role in this ever-changing stylistic fields and such a harmonic interaction is clearly audible, even if likewise the parallel lines of cover artwork by Claudia Marzendorfer, each single input doesn't really touch the others, even if they chorally render the illusion of being part of a whole or a single coherent unit. It's like playing jigsaw puzzles before the gamer understands that its interlocking parts are impossible to get joined together! This sort of fake overlapping is clear on the first of the three track - "UNX" - as well as in the first half of the second one "UNY", whose second part features an asymptotic mutiny, which sounds fostered by Michael Moser's elongations on cello. Their sort of impossible amalgamation reaches an astonishing and almost maniacal balance on the third part of this release, "UNZ", where a listener can clearly understand the fact Polwechsel managed to inhabit an interesting stylistic region in between totally imperfectly abstract improvisation and extremely lucid and "geometrical" composition.

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