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Artist: Rapoon (@)
Title: Blue Days
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Distributor: Alchembria
Rated: *****
The new release from Robin Storey's project is a return to a more concise form while his previous releases of new material were based on long composition mostly based on drones or on sonic research. "Blue Days" is a partial return to his classic style with great emphasis on the rhythmic element and the meditative use of oriental wind instrument, however in this release there's a research for a defined sound spectrum that was absent in those releases that were mainly based on the hypnotic effect.
The metallic beats of "winters chime deep" introduce the listener into a sonic field vaguely reminiscent of the past of this artist but with an better attention to details. "On frozen air" is an hypnotic track based on a sound texture and a fistful of samples. The synth line of "no one came" gives an undoubtable charm to the track while "in black" is characterized by the oriental beats typical of his classic pages. "Long time ago now" is one of the few track featuring a proper vocal track while "the angels called" recalls the ability of Robin Storey to develops tracks using almost only percussions as elements. "In golden church" is an ethereal track based on drones while "with dance of trees" is based on loops of flutes. "Air gliden" is based on a soundscape obtained by filtered samples to expand their resonances and echoes. "Black shadows" features his known structure for flute and percussions. "In static bursts" is a small noise interlude while "small light" is another interlude for bells. "Endless" is a meditative track for voice and synth and "blue days" uses an hypnotic beat and slowed down samples and the voice closes this release singing the album's title.
Obviously far enough for any important deviation from a form which has influenced many artists, it's a release that confirms the Rapoon's ability to evolve his language neither overturning it nor being trivial. It's really worth a listen.

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