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Artist: How to Cure Our Soul (@)
Title: Luna
Format: Tape
Label: Low Point (@)
Rated: *****
This new release from this italian band is focused on night landscape so its title "Luna" i.e., moon, evokes the aural phenomenon where, at night, without the day noises there are unnoticed sounds that emerges. This soundscape which should have also a visual counterpart as this is an audio-visual project is based upon drones generated from electric guitars, sampling, effects pedals and tape manipulation so it's something as digital as analog which fill the aural spectrum but leaving space for other sound to interact with the music.
The initial drone of "From the village to the country under the moonlight" quietly starts this release and slowly evolves until it's substituted by another drone which is resolved into another drone. The hypnotic quality of the construction is marked out by the concern that there's no sense of the fact that the track is based on three drones until there's any analytical analysis of the track, at the first listening there's only the vague sense that something has changed. "Midnight: song of crickets on the green hill" is based on the progressive juxtaposition of drones until there a fulfillment of the aural space. "Night climb to the Mount Analogue" closes this release is based on a single slowly evolving drone that is doubled to another ones which creates certain resonances unveiling sonic details of prismatic beauty.
This is a release so coupled to a rigorous form that could be as boring at a distract listening as enchanting at a rigorous one. It's not a record for everyone but every fan of drone music will listen to this tape until it's disintegrated. Applause.

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