Music Reviews

Artist: Martin Rach with Lynn Wails
Title: My Heart
Format: CD
Label: attenuation circuit (@)
Rated: *****
This release from Martin Rach is a single piece in four part called "my heart". The whole releases seems mimicking an heart failure with his final resolution in a restart and it uses a loop with the words "my heart" repeated to simulate the heartbeat. The process uses this sample as the single source which is progressively reworking towards abstractness.
The loop of Lynn Wails' voice opens "my heart (is no more)" and is repeated until a small glitch starts to modify the loop and this process increases until the loop is completely disrupted. Almost a minute of silence opens "(scatter) my heart" and introduces the listener into a section of small pieces interleaved with elements of silence to construct an irregular rhythmic structure. The noise of "(a part of) my heart (longs forever)" is continuos but varying in intensity until the final silence evolves into "(reclaim) my heart" where the initial loop is increasingly reconstructed.
While the process is sometimes a little too predictable, it's so clear to request few word to describe it and this is a true merit. Even if the casual listener could be upset, every fan of minimalism will love this release.

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