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Artist: The Peeled Eye
Title: s/t
Format: 12"
Label: Shameless Records (@)
Rated: *****
English-born composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist Boris Hauf recently rekindled the old flame of his own label Shameless, which reprised the production by a strictly limited edition (300 copies on yellow vinyl) of The Peeled Eye, a fourtet whose stuff got labelled as noisecore/doomjazz by Boris himself, who plays piano and baritone saxophone (the leading instrument, according to my ear response over the seven tracks of the album) along with the guitar-player Martin Siewert (we recently met his sound art within Trapist's "The Golden" and Radian collaboration with Howe Gelb), Swiss double bass and bass player Christian Weber and drummer Steve Heather. The cover artwork looks like a hint of the idea that could evoke the listening of their music, which could be described as something in between improv, more harsh noise-punk-jazz entities (I could mention Alboth! in order to check some bands from closer regions) and Starfish Enterprises, the noisy rock band which preceded the birth of Starfish Pool. Even if I said that Boris' baritone saxophone, which makes entrance on the abrasive session of the opening "kind of", is the leading instrument, the role of other instruments is likewise important as you can check since the track I've just mentioned where the theme ignited by Boris manages to trigger a reaction the strings of Martin's guitar and Christian's bass sound like catching Boris' sparks over a drumming session, which spreads the fire. The style is more or less the same over other tracks, but dynamics differ such as on the amazing "diiiiisko" (guitar interlocking within a daring variation of 4/4-driven getaway are really super!), the sooty 12-minutes lasting "heavy quarters", which manages to evoke the ticking-time bombs of some boroughs in every city of the so-called "civilized" world, caused by almost completely untrammelled capitalism and likewise savage contemporary social mechanisms, the sense of forthcoming crash evoked by "finale", where the wheels of The Peeled Eye's car seem to be worn to nothing, before they seem to change tyres on the risingly furious "pp remains".

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