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Artist: Genetic Transmission (@)
Title: Last
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Distributor: Alchembria
Rated: *****

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As the title suggest, this is is the last studio album in the discography of Genetic Transmission, one of the alias of Tomasz Twardawa and, almost incredibly, also the last realization of the IYHHH series that was conceived as a way to present unconventional Polish artist using also an unconventional artwork as a presentation strategy. This is properly the reissue of a CDR release collecting 15 untitled sound experiments using electro-acoustic sources. As all tracks are untitled they will be denoted with their number.
"1" starts this release with reverse played tapes of perhaps string instrument while "2" is focused on the rhythmic displacement of samples. "3" features small noises and "4" on metallic resonance; "5" juxtaposes drones obtained by electronic devices and "6" sounds as field recordings of waters where used as a background. "7" sounds as if noise generators were the focus of the track while "8" takes advantage of the effect of resonance. "9" is based on complex layers of drones, tapes and noises while "10" sounds as constructed from field recordings layered to underline their rhythmical properties. "11" and "13" uses a dry metallic beat to sustain the abstract musical foreground while "12" and "14" sequences industrial noises. "15" closes this release with a drone that evolves into a metallic mass and, after a quiet section, into a noise fragment.
Apparently lacking a narrative direction, it sounds as a collection of experiment unified by a fistful of elements as the metallic beats, electronic device's samples and drones. As the tracks are usually short, this musical property gives a sense of variety which removes that sense of boredom that could arise as the loop, and his rhythmic framework, is the proper base element of the track of this release. All fans of experimental music would hear it with a sense of loss for the end of this project.

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