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Artist: Marek X. Marchoff
Title: Funeral Musik for You and Me
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Distributor: Alchembria
Rated: *****
This new release from Marek X. Marchoff is the follow-up of his remarkable 'Funeral Musik für Jenny Marchoff' but it's a reflection on the meaning of life and death unrelated to the personal issues which were the foundation of that release. Instead, all tracks are called with coordinates that seems related to the park where is located the St. Michael's Cemetery in NYC which is shaped as a triangle and where is located the studio where the album was mastered and probably recorded.
The sinewaves of "ezoterascopick 40.696095°N 73.905029°W" introduce the listener to a minimal music where there's only small variations, so "40°41'²20'³N 73°56'²40'³W" continues this pattern introducing synth lines and loops. "40.69.572-73.90342" introduces bass and voice and it triggers the suspect that every track introduces an element until it will return to the minimal elements of the first track mimicking the passing of time on human being. "40.7641°N 73.9813°W" feature an intermittent beat and spacey sound. "40.80553,-79.91451" marks the return to the minimal structure of the first track using mainly sine wave's generators and "40.699511°N 73.911166°W" is his twin using synth notes. "40.6937°N 73.9833°W" closes this release with two distinct parts: the first one is a quiet ambient part based on textures while the second one is based on a loop borrowed perhaps from an old record of music to be played in a smoky bar.
As it's a release whose processes are minimal and long and its sound palette has few tones, this not a release for the typical distracted listener which is in vogue in this times and critics could tear it to pieces as it's the kind of sound which triggers thought rather than emotion. If the track were shorter or with expanded arrangement could be easy listening but this depiction, an mimesis, of life of death could be too difficult to realize until there's a true intention to hear. Careful listeners will rate it at least 4 stars while the others 2 stars so the average is 3.

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