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Artist: Dead When I Found Her (@)
Title: All The Way Down
Format: CD
Label: Artoffact Records (@)
Rated: *****
This new release from Michael Arthur Holloway's project is at the threshold between industrial, in his most EBM oriented variant, and pop so it's presented in the liner notes as "a meditation on your deepest fears and most private, desperate moments". Even if this could sound scary, it should be noted as this genre has a reputation to depict dark moment for cathartic ends.
"Expiring Time" opens this release with a mid-tempo track that situate the title in a territory between synth-pop and EBM evading the traps of both genre. The structure is a song with synth and drum machine as almost only instruments, the overall result is based on the careful layering of all elements. "The Unclean" is an interlude based on sample dialectic. "Threadbare" is a track which reveals how the ear pleasantry is important in this field as it triggers emotions. "Gathering Fear" is instead closer to some industrial oriented form as it's focused on the rhythmic impact. While "Downpour" is more oriented towards the dance floor, "Misericordia" and "Blood Lesson" are more focused in the development of a pop form with a certain sound impact. "Seeing Red" is perhaps the more impressive track of this release as it layers samples and synth lines to create a cinematic sound field using vocal samples from films rather than a proper vocal line. So, even a brilliant track as "The Noise Above Us" sounds as a filler to close this release with "At Rest" and his pop allure.
The bonus edition of this release features a bonus cd, "the bottom, which explore the most EBM and industrial oriented side of this project, so with tracks like "New Drugs", the title-track and "You Know Who You Are", a Ministry cover, it will be enjoyed by the fans of this genre.
At an aesthetical level, this is one of the most important release of the year as, because it's not ground-breaking, it takes a codified form to an astonishing technical level. Truly recommended.

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