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Artist: Brutter (@)
Title: s/t
Format: 12"
Label: Hubro (@)
Rated: *****
Once upon time brotherhood in music was mainly associated to blues, rock and pop. This reunion between Norwegian sonic siblings Fredrik Wallumrod, who mainly borrowed his skills on drums and electronics to rock and metal bands such as Dog Almighty, Span and El Caco, and Christian Wallumrod, who became one of the most appreciated musician of the Nordic improv scene - I recently introduced the amazing output "Pianokammer" by this musician, whose name got mainly matched to his own acoustic ensemble and the quartet Dans Les Arbres - extends the concept to the more experimental side of improv music. Forget the piano tones, harmonic moulding and melodic mutations you met on the above-mentioned "Pianokammer", as Christian mainly works on likewise freaky sonic palettes over the three tracks of "Brutter" by a pile of percussive plugs, hits and filters according to evasive logical paths, where Frederik adds some electronic foil, whose amalgamation can't really provide a semblance of order to the resounding elements. The initial "Geigered" sounds like a set of false starts, where any "regular" rhythmical pattern got immediately disbanded within hiccuping and sometimes chaotic surges, which are the dominant aspect of Brutter's sound on the interplay "Radiopuls", an intentionally impossible attempt of matching between drum machines and live drums, which seem to be part of an impossible interlocking puzzle. Any possible synchronization between the two halves of the drumming got broken in the asynchronous slow syncopations of the final "Badminton Break", where you could imagine Wallumrod Bros dragging rhythm like the body of a drunken fool into a temporary shelter.

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