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Artist: Kapital
Title: Chaos To Chaos
Format: CD
Label: Instant Classic (@)
Rated: *****
Kapital, the bicephalous project by Rafal Iwanski (playing or controlling a tone generator, an analog synthesizer, a rhythm machine, a sampling unit, a sampling pad, congas, metallophones, rattles, found objects, horns as well as his own voice and other special effects!) and Jakub Kuba Ziotek (another great sonic mind under an electric guitar, 6- and 12-stringc acoustic guitars, analog and digital synths, loop station, clarinet, gongs, another sampling unit, a dvojnica double flute - a woodwind instrument from Serbia and Southern Hungary -), forges its second output after the praiseworthy debut release "No New Age" (coming out on Polish experimental label Boclan Records) by referring to the illustrious genius of their fellow countryman Stanislaw Lem as a fitted framework for their impressive stylistic symmetries. The novel they quote Lem's "Memoirs Found in a Bathtub" in the inlay of "Chaos To Chaos" - if you carefully see that diamond on the cover artwork, you can consider it a quotation or a reflection of well-known ocean of memories on planet Solaris, maybe the most known work by Lem -, a little pearl of modern science-fiction where the somehow paranoid dystopian setting intersects that kind of bitter satire that could be injected by means of more or less hidden allusions to social science and political themes, inspired by the finding of some notes (Notes from the Neogene) by a narrator, who was losing his mind when he understood that the only ruler of the days he was living was chaos and that such an awareness fed social life by paranoid thoughts. It is rather odd that the first edition of this novel has a drawn ear on the cover and if you imagine that Kapital's music could have been made for the paranoid pleasure of the protagonist of Lem's novel, who could have some similarities to contemporary human beings, can improve the listening experience they provided. The oblique technoid movement of the opening Kap-Eh-Thaal, where the deceptively abstractions of shining sounds sweeten the tightness of the first part of the track, the scented wool over listener's ears on the lukewarm psychedelia of "Paradis Electronique", the flavoured malaise evoked by "Kolaps", the rising pressurization counterbalanced by the anaesthetic effected guitars on "Trans-Mania", the delusional nuance of the only proper song of the album "The Music Of Goodbye", the estranging hybrid of peaceful ambient and disquieting mechanical roaring of Cyborg Interchaos", the time-delay switch that seems to clock human emotions on "M.I.T." and the otherworldly landing of "Zona Incognita" render that kind of drugged feeling of oppression, where artificial illusions seem to rule human behaviour, where even the awareness of being controlled immunises any attempt of self-releasing.

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