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Artist: Father Murphy (@)
Title: Lamentations
Format: 10"
Label: Backwards (@)
Rated: *****
This new Father Murphy's release on Backwards is a rather short EP closing the Trilogy of The Cross and following Calvary and Croce. As the title suggest, the sound of the band is focused on a sort of repetitive and almost religious palette using spare element chosen with care.
The obsessive organ lines opening "Lamentations" are juxtaposed for the creation of a thick sound mass doubled by the vocals of the band closed by the final part based on the guitar drone. "Mercy and Truth" is instead a quiet track based on sparse beats while the vocal and the organ develops quietly their musical path and the guitar is replaced by the trumpet.
With his short duration it's a release for fans and collectors which perhaps would appreciate its connection with the previous parts of the trilogy. The others could be disappointed by a far too predictable musical development diluted by the evocative quality of their sound.

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