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Artist: Blodfet & DJ Lonely
Title: Erasuremade and Dissolved
Format: 12"
Label: Das Andere Selbst (@)
Rated: *****
The lo-fi cover gives little indication as to what we're in for, and the song titles provide no more clue than the cover ('Synth won...Oasis & Heavy Metal are gone!' and 'From Smersh for New Jersey,' for example). But the artists' names seem to be a misnomer, as this project is the work of one person: Amsterdam-based artist Jonas Ohlsson. The label describes the album thus: 'His sounds rummage in upper & lower music traditions, from musique concrète through favela bootie beat, industrial noise and synth pop. . . . From laconic loneliness to caricatural anger, Erasuremade & Dissolved delivers dysfunctional songs and a really unique approach to electronic music and song writing.' OK ' we're still no closer to knowing what this will sound like, so let's get into the music. This is pretty weird stuff. Imagine a collaboration with Wesley Willis on vocals, The Residents on music, and sampling provided by Negativland. There is a lot of digital beeps and synth with spoken word thrown in for good measure. For example, on one track we get a dialogue between the artist and a woman discussing the qualities of shadows ('Do you have a good shadow?'), and on 'Synth won...Oasis & Heavy Metal are gone!' he discusses the importance of electronic music ('We thank Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder...'). There are some recognizable samples (as in the slowed down and distorted beginning of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody') and a statement that 'I've got two synthesizers and a microphone.' It's clear that Ohlsson is having a good time with the music and not taking himself too seriously. This makes it fun for the rest of us who may listen in on his merriment. If you like your experimental music weird, this is definitely one to check out.

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