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Artist: Colin Potter (@)
Title: Rank Sonata
Format: 12"
Label: Hallow Ground (@)
Rated: *****
The quasi-pastoral echoes, the festively electric intermittencies, a rising march-like ascension fuelled by a straight 4/4 beat, a popping set of wood sticking and the surprising suspension that all those flowing elements reach at the hands of their wise director on the 19-minutes lasting deranged techno track "A Wider Pail of Shale" could be ideally matched more to the buds that blossomed from stylistical territories where artists like Four Tet, Gold Panda or Fuck Buttons browse on than the ones where the name of the legendary Colin Potter, well-known pal, producer and collaborator of Nurse With Wound, Organum and Current 93, and miliar stone of the whole indipendent UK post-industrial scene since late 70ies by means of his appreciated imprint ICR - a stylistical laboratory where The Instant Automatons, experimental composer Trevor Weshart, Chris & Cosey, Bryn Jones (better known as Muslimgauze), Darren Tate and others begun to vanish the fences between contemporay electronica, post-punk experiments, crude pop and Krautrock-inspired drone music -, got commonly matched to.Colin's skills in fostering hybrids between two seemingly different sonic sets, as shown on the above mentioned suite where soundscapes intersects beats, got confirmed by the shortest tracks on B-side: the abstract start of "And" sneaks in nearby dub frontlines and field recordings got cycled as if they were part of an industrial process on "Knit Where?", before the initial mechanical loop of the suite on the other side got reprised and centrifuged on "Beyond The Pail". After years of DIY strictly limited editions on cassettes and digital, Potter's solo circuits got finally imprinted on vinyl!

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