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Artist: Visionist (@)
Title: Safe
Format: CD
Label: PAN (@)
Rated: *****
While dubstep scene seems to having been disintegrated, there are some grimers which keep on exploring more experimental stylistical pathwayss and a grime producer who showed a penchant for experimentation like Louis Carnell aka Visionist, belonging to the second generation of that scene that begun developing in South London suburbs, cannot but undoubtedly be one of the most interesting explorers. After many clues Visionist, who recently joined Bill Kouligas in the interesting attempt of revamping his own imprint Lost Codes, left on many single tracks, he definitively venture towards quite bizarre sonorities as it's clear since the opening "You Stayed", where he crafted a sort of alien melody by heavily pitched chords and deformed vocals before sliding into the circling set of ghostly voices weighted by fractured metallic bumps of "Victim" and the same voices keep on shaking the faint atmospheres (that "hey" you'll listen seems coming from an agonizing imp) on the following track "1 Guarda", where many listeners could perceive a certain similarity to some stuff by Burial and feature the short lasting interplay "I've Said", the broken suctions of "Vffected". An hypnotical carousel of delayed echoes of chiming sounds, vocal atoms and toy-like sombers fills the icy void of "Sin-cere" whereas the bass-driven tremors on the title-track "Safe", the more urgent pressure of "Let Me In", the whooshing electronic fogs of "Too Careful To Care" doesn't really disrupt the fragile balance evoked by mainly vocal elements, which seem to render the defense mechanisms of a fragile psyche in the attempt of wuthstanding external attacks before recovering a sort of lost balance on the painfully entranced "Tired Tears, Awake Fears", the shrivelled bass hits of the interplay "Constraint" and the anesthetized quietness of the final "Sleep Luxury". Grime seems having performed phagocytosis on mental diseases and anxiety on this interesting sonic experiment by means of the lucid cryonics of grime of Visionist.

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