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Artist: Flowers for Bodysnatchers
Title: Aokigahara
Format: CD
Label: Cryo Chamber (@)
Rated: *****
This release from Flowers for Bodysnatchers, the project of Duncan Ritchie, is inspired by Aokigahara, known as the Suicide Forest, a place with an historic association with demons in Japanese mythology. Partly departing from other release by Cryo Chamber, this release is not a typical dark ambient release but it tries to approach more canonical musical development i.e., melody, as a way to introduce elements of interest or to border territories of modern classical.
The piano opening "Prisoner of Night and Fog" is an element that recurs overall the release that is mirrored by the cello of the second part of the track. "And There Is A Darkness" is instead focuses on soundscape in the foreground rather than on the piano in the background. "Field Of Ink" is based on the reverberation of the piano while "Kuroi Jukai" is closer to a song structure with use of a japanese voice. "There Will Be Lies" is an evocative track focused on foley sounds while "Night Heroin" is a long track developing a soundscape of great suggestions. "Aokigahara" starts like a piano piece and ends as a dark ambient track, "A Rope To End It All" develops the same structure using instead a cello and "A Man Metallic" is an ambient track based on field recordings and resonances. "The Games Foxes Play" closes this release starting as an almost new age tracks but develops with sparse noises creating an atmosphere of pure tension.
Oscillating between dark ambient and modern classical, this is a release that could earn even listeners not at ease with more experimental work and the usual quality of Simon Heath's mastering exalts the variety of the musical offer. It's really worth a listen.

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