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Artist: Diatribes (@)
Title: Great Stone/Blood Dunza
Format: 12"
Label: Aussenraum Records (@)
I had previously reviewed a collaboration between Diatribes & Abdul Moimeme and enjoyed it, so I was interested to hear this installment. The label describes the album this way: 'Diatribes deconstruct two classical roots reggae tunes from the 1970's. The sources are extended to an electro-acoustic approach resulting in two highly detailed textures of completely different character. Spring reverbs, noises, chords and even rhythm fragments appear and disappear.' Sounds interesting, but on putting it on the turntable, I found that the execution was not as engaging. This is reeeaaaally minimal. 'Blood Dunza' consists of snippets of drone interspersed by periods of silence. Flipping the album over, we have 'Great Stone,' which is a bit more engaging, but still heavy on the drone. As the liner notes explain, the whole point was to break the tracks apart, but in this case, Diatribes chose to go completely microscopically, breaking apart each component part and then subjecting it to a close examination. However, if you like really intricate, minimalist drone, this may be up your alley. This is limited to 300 copies on 180g vinyl.

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