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Artist: Dorota (@)
Title: Frik
Format: 3 x CD (triple CD)
'Frik' is the latest concept album from the experimental Budapest-based trio Dorota and comes as a product of a 4 years long process comprised of 3 albums ('Kisoroszi - Saints and Spaces', 'Miss Favour', 'Nagyoroszi - Bad Nature and Occultism'), 2 films and an interactive website ( featuring texts, visual art and images all created by the trio. As an audiovisual whole, 'Frik' seems to be working towards compressing the identity of Dorota but if you temporally 'extract' these 3 albums from their overall project, they would still be working as a rich whole themselves. With dizzying chords to command your instant consideration and flirting with tribal rhythms overlaid with unprocessed strings, 'Kisoroszi - Saints and Spaces' bears noteworthy accents and percussion that seem cropped from ceremonial scenarios while 'Miss Favour' actually brings some melodic lines and piano touches along the way. But don't be fooled, Dorota is still playing so their thick sound still comes peppered with layered distortions, nervous guitar strumming and chilling recorded messages that could inhibit any impulse to dance. At a more insidious pace, 'Nagyoroszi - Bad Nature and Occultism' sometimes moulds into whopping passages disrupted by feverish violin disintegrations and cavernous vocals lingering on the brink of apathy. Overall, 'Frik' articulates a pretty fetching and expensive landscape that constricts and expends at its own will. It's the kind of ambient journey that allows you to plug in with your own inner scenery if only you would allow it. However, it does not come gently or softly on your eardrums as it pairs down soft touches with noise, prancing percussion and sample assaults only to drop a riotous diversity that is difficult to pin down. Or you could label it as being experimental simply because you do not know what else is left to say. All three albums are already available on the band's Bandcamp profile.

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