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Artist: The Bongoloids (@)
Title: 4
Format: 12"
Label: ShanGORIL la Records (@)
Rated: *****
There wasn't much info that came with this album, but the label calls it 'Supreme psychedelic space jazz.' Just looking at the names of the artists, you get the sense that they aren't exactly stuffy, with names like Ray Bong, S. Creamcheese, and Mik 'Ice Cold' Jones. The best way I have to describe this album is to imagine a rock band fed through 1960's 'futuristic' sound with plenty of analogue bleeps and bloops and synth with a bit of theremin added for good measure. When there are vocals, they are heavily processed. There is some random chimes and vibraphone, along with some guitar. Random bursts of noise give way to mellow drone. This is some weird stuff, but un-self-consciously so. I am reminded of a friend's discussion of 'outsider music,' in which it never occurs to the artist that their music is outside of normal parameters; it's weird because that's what music sounds like to them (thanks, Robert Francos). This was a fun album and well worth checking out if you like it odd. This album is limited to 300 copies.

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