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Artist: Bruno Duplant / Pedro Chambel / Fergus Kelly (@)
Title: (Winter Pale) Red Sun
Format: CD
Label: Eh? (@)
Rated: *****
Coil once explained how some of the music that they made could be attributed to the direct intervention of the machinery that they used, calling this entity ELpH. One can get a sense that a similar phenomenon is happening here with this trio consisting of Fergus Kelly, Pedro Chambel, and Bruno Duplant, credited with Electronics [Processed], Electronics [Sinewaves] and Noises, and Organ and Electronics [Electroacoustic Devices], respectively. As with most Eh? releases, there is little background and the music is left to speak for itself, so let's get into it. This consists of one long track, which begins with lots of feedback, line noise, and grinding waveforms reminiscent of angry cicadas ready to devour the fields just before harvest. They make good use of dynamics and use a variety of sounds to keep it engaging. At around 7 minutes in, they mood shifts to mellow, static drone, then shifts again. It is chaotic, but interesting. After 30 minutes, there begins to be a kind of coherence to the composition; it is almost peaceful, until blasts of line noise jolt you from your reverie. With this in mind, the album could not just simply conclude; at just over 40 minutes in, it fades out, but then comes back again for a few seconds. As quickly as it came back, it's gone. Overall this will appeal to fans of experimental improvisation. This album weighs in at around 41 minutes.

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