Music Reviews

Artist: Thomas Tilly (@)
Title: Le Cébron / Statics And Sowers
Format: 12"
Label: Aussenraum Records (@)
I was unfamiliar with this French artist, but Thomas Tilly works in the area of field recordings. For this album, there are two specific sources. 'Le Cébron' is based on recordings done on a frozen lake and 'Statics and Sowers' uses recordings from beehives and feedback from a mixing board. Let's get into the music. 'Le Cébron' features a lot of rumbling and cracking, making it sound less like a frozen lake and more like an earthquake. This would begin to get dull were it not for the variety in volume and timing which kept things engaging and interesting. Flipping the album over, 'Statics and Sowers' definitely gives the impression that you are trapped in a hive of angry hornets, with a lot of high pitched buzzing. However, at times the sound shifts to the low end of the spectrum where you can imagine the low hum of a machine. Overall, this was pleasant listening and well-executed field recording. That said, I would much prefer to see this as part of a sound installation, rather than listening to it at home in my living room. This album is limited to 300 copies on transparent 180g vinyl and weighs in at around 33 minutes.

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