Music Reviews

Artist: Blitzkrieg Baby
Title: Cannibal Commando
Format: Tape
Label: Belaten (@)
Rated: *****
One year and half after the previous EP "Kids' World", released on Belaten, Blitzkrieg Baby are releasing, always on Belaten, their new tape EP titled "Cannibal Commando". Containing five new songs repeated also on side B, the EP sees Kim Solve's project reaching a perfect mix of industrial, electronic and a special "vision" of pop. Focusing the lyrics on a crude vision of reality made of cannibalism, war crimes, pre-pubescent murderers, world domination, and the end of civilization, the tracks sound balanced and powerful. The intelligible clean vocals are working as a counterpart to the drums and all the distorted blasting which are giving the rhythm. So... where's the pop stuff? Well, the pop element could be found into the small melodic parts which are able to work as a hook for the listener. A great comeback which you can check at this page!

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