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Artist: HATI (@)
Title: Metanous
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Distributor: Alchembria
Rated: *****
In this release, based on recording made in 2011-2012, HATI performed as a trio with Robert Darowski and this change from the usual duo formation permits the insertion of wind instruments with the usual barrage of percussions. As RafaÅ IwaÅski and RafaÅ KoÅacki are now the only members of HATI this album is mainly a document however it's an hypnotic release as the insertion of Dabrowski's drone creates a particular musical configuration.
When "Cascades" starts, it's almost clear that the rhythm is the basic elements of this release but, instead of being a fixed element, it's slowly but inexorably moving. "Thalu" is instead based on a didgeridoo used as a canvas colored by the metal percussions. "Passage" is an almost silent track that uses resonances of the bells and quiet rattles. The flute and the didgeridoo of the first part of "Alpha at Omega" are mirrored by the cymbal and bells of the second part. "Fusion" is a dialogue for didgeridoo and percussions. "Wangga" is a dialogue for didgeridoo and flues in the first part, for didgeridoo and rattles in the second part and for percussions and horn in the third part. "Purga" is an exploration of the resonances of metallic percussion above wind instruments.
An hypnotic and charming release revealing how percussions could create a sort of spiritual music environment and escape the feeling of repetitiveness with the use of flute and the didgeridoo but mainly treating the rhythmic pattern as something to evolve rather than something to follow. A must for fans of the genre.

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