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Artist: Randal Collier-Ford
Title: Remnants
Format: CD
Label: Cryo Chamber (@)
Rated: *****
This new album from Randal Collier-Ford on Cryo Chamber is presented shortly as an album able to "soothe the listener into a black whirlpool of unexpected evolving sound design", but in fact is a clever reworking of the usual dark ambient format of this label. The form is consistently altered to search an almost new path in soundscape construction.
The stereo field is used as an element of bearing in "Monument", "Horns of Eden" uses small fractions of silence. "Remnants" is focused on rhythms in their relationship with drones. "Dies Illa" is a sort of reworking of martial removing all the rhetoric. "Suspension of Icarus" is based on ebb and flows of the drone pitch. "Eye of the West" uses a drone as a glue for the sample. "Black Garden" lets the samples emerge when the drones ends. "Pale Horse" is the more aggressive track as it uses noisy samples. "Decaying Sun" has a sort of sci-fi influence as it uses sharp samples. "Revelations" closes this release with a sort of dance beat.
The remarkable use of dynamics, the craft in sound construction and the variety of musical path earn this release a spot in the end of the year's list as it's an example on how to renew a genre using influence of other musical paths. The use of headphone is truly recommended to enjoy all the musical subtleties of this release. A must to hear.

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