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Artist: Displasia
Title: mnnu rvvrsu
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: attenuation circuit (@)
Rated: *****
Diaspasia is an Italian duo playing with sound sources which "prevents any chance of melody" and this choices put them in continuity with a musical lineage, starting from musique concrete, based on the use of musical elements treated as noise by traditional musical aesthetic. The overall result is along the part of certain reductionism where the point is on the minuscule resonances and musical meaning of the sonic event rather than in the exposition of a structure.
The recorded voice of a child opens "capu lunniri 1" and introduces a dialogue for radio and metallic objects with spaces for silences and resonances. The reverberated guitar of "un" is a starting for a meditative first part of the track focused on a drone while the second part is focused on noises and percussions. When, after two minutes of almost silence, the radio noise of "cirneco" starts a subtle sequence of small sonic events interleaved by sections of silence. "Sesto" explores the resonances of the strings while "rusuli 5" explores the resonances of the places recorded. "Scupetti" closes this release with small silences emerging frome the underneath silence.
A difficult and demanding listening where there's more cure in the sonic detail than in the overall structure. There are moments of charm and beauty but they require a full commitment in the act of perception. Recommended but only for fans of experimental or EAI.

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