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Artist: Porno Teo Kolossal
Title: Tannoiser
Format: CD
Label: Bam Balam Records (@)
Rated: *****
Porno Teo Kolossal is a project by Italian artist Massimo Divenuto conceived as a soundtrack for his paintings and exhibitions. The musical structure is based on that sort of guitar rock, from kraut to shoegaze, focused on guitar sound as a source to manipulate with effect rather than a virtuosity's show.
The noisy feedback and distorsion of the guitar starts "il tunnel in fondo alla luce" and constructs a thick background for the speaking part of the track. The two sections of the talk in are spaced out by an almost psychedelic and meditative part for guitar. "Tannoiser" is instead a track based on sustained guitar notes which develops in an final part based on a guitar's crescendo. "Opus day pistorum" reveals the structural roles of the bass guitar in the sonic equilibrium of the band. The hypnotic second part of "kandahar" is the mirror of the insistent first part. "Stanza 306" is an hypnotic track focused on the guitar's resonances ending in an obsessive crescendo. "La colonna sonora dell'eta' modern" closes the first disc with a guitar drone interrupted by the narrator's entrance and ends in a psychedelic manner.
The second disc features a single track, "deep", lasting for almost one hour starting quietly with a gentle arpeggio above whom the voice whispers his words; the second part is a quiet meditation for drone and guitar which evolves in a third part where the guitar distortion begins to prevail until the final cathartic end.
This a long and complex album that could perhaps seems to rework a limited number of ideas, in facts it's based on a codified language, but it develops them with a strong sense of writing. Recommended for fans of shoegaze.

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