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Artist: Dystopian Society (@)
Title: Overtuned Reality
Format: CD
Label: Danse Macabre
Rated: *****
Three years after their debut album "Cages" and last year's 7" EP "Violations", Dystopian Society are releasing their second album "Overtuned Reality" for Danse Macabre. With a "shrunken" line-up, the two members of the band (Max Skam - vocals, bass and Sara Hexe - guitar, drums), are delivering a thirty minutes album which is better recorded compared to the first one (also because that one was an expanded version of their first demo), but it's losing the fast songs that maybe where making me feeling better their urge to communicate their idea of a in control and repressive society. Anyway, on this new album they still worked on the same themes with passion and dedication, because that feeling of not being part of this society is still burning in their chest. The eight new tracks (plus an intro) are upbeat mid tempos with tribal drumming, fat bass lines, granitic riffs and razor like guitar arpeggios. Vocals are functional to the songs but, in my humble opinion, they should try to make them more expressive, just to have a stronger and in your face sound. I'm sure that they are already working on perfecting themselves but on the meantime, you can check "Overtuned Reality" here

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