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Artist: The Danse Society (@)
Title: VI
Format: CD
Label: Society Records
Rated: *****
New album and new line up (Paul Nash ' Guitars, Jack Cooper ' Bass, Iain Hunter ' Drums, Maethelyiah - Vocals and Sam Bollands - Keyboards) for the third The Danse Society's album after the reformation. "VI" contains ten new songs that confirm the band as one of the most powerful of the old scene, along with Killing Joke. The album, after a quick synth intro, starts with a blast, as "In The Red" sets the bar to a high level and if the mid tempo of "Star Whisperer", "Awesome" or "Ain't Gonna Happen" keep the tension high, "Bloodstream", for a moment, seems to offer a pause to the listener but then, its raging guitar awaits for you and its crescendo is taking no hostages. The real blast is the following one: "Freak Show" is a powerful one that recalls me Siouxsie & The Banshees of the "Hyena" period mixed with the Killing Joke of songs like "Money Is Not Our God"... yeah, that good... The new line-up is giving to the band a new energy as this album is more direct, tribal and for sure you won't miss tracks like "Doodlebug". The Danse Society's sound is now fat, powerful, grinding but still able to create mysterious atmospheres. Maethelyiah confirms herself the lioness who was roaring on the past albums and she's able to lead the band through new musical scenarios. Check the band's website, as they are still giving two tracks for free and they have opened the pre-orders as "VI" will be available on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

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