Music Reviews

Artist: Lyke Wake (@)
Title: Fall Of The Corrupt
Format: CD
Label: Aseptic Noise
Rated: *****
After its come back Lyke Wake, the Stefano Di Serio's musical project, has been busy producing new music and this year, after the tape "The Hatred Of A Thousand Years", is back with a sixty nine dark electronic cosmic suite. "The Fall Of The Corrupt" is a magmatic ever changing piece that is giving me the idea of a nebula. Try to think about that interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases and imagine the tension that make them collapse until a new temporary balance has reached. Some nebulae are formed as the result of supernova explosions, the death throes of massive, short-lived stars but try to apply this image to what the album's title suggest and you'll be projected into a mental supernova made of fast thoughts and sticky obsessions which have to find a new balance and have to fall... to stop. By listening to "Fall Of The Corrupt" you'll decide to embrace a voyage into your self conscience guided by Lyke Wake's sound and it won't be an easy listening. Catch your headphones and "bonne voyage"!

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