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Artist: Serph
Title: Hyperion Suites
Format: CD
Label: Noble (@)
Rated: *****
Named after the tallest living tree on the planet, a coast redwood which keeps on growing in a secret place in Northern California, the 5th album by Serph, a really prodigious entity - he keeps on taking his real identity more secret than the ones of Daft Punk's masked guys - of Japanese electronic scene, whose first concert at Liquidroom in Tokyo in January recorded a so impressive sold-out that national Tv spoke of this rare event for an electronic musician, came out between last May and June and seems to testify his perennial musical growth. I didn't rated "El Esperanka", the previous album by this brilliant Tokyoite on Noble, by filling all the five stars of our rating meter by chance and the "greater heights" on "Hyperion Suites" that got reached by his sound, according to Noble's introduction, are clear since "Hymn", the opening track, where heavily chopped female vocal samples appear for the first time inside his masterfully crafted uplifting textures, where even the more melancholic or wistful nuances of some tracks (the lovely "Wireless", where a pensive piano melody got gradually rinsed by squared techey beats, puffing percussions and airy strings, the entrancing "Alcyone", which could surmise latest outputs by Bonobo, or other graceful moments like "Walkin" or "Sad Roboto") got translated into a so well-processed and naively chirpy electronic compositions that your soul will be delighted by this style-driven emotional softening anyhow! An uplifting windmill of styles, including neo-impressionist classical pianism, hip-hop, r'n'b, 600ies and 70ies jazz, drum'n'bass, tech-step keeps on twisting over Serph's highest branches, whose leaves could be imagined as polychromatic fluttering wings. Just admire and listen this new show to scrape the imaginative skies of Serph's mind. Whoever he is or might be...

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