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Artist: Leykam - Mark - Meyer
Title: HEX
Format: CD
Label: Frank Mark Arts (@)
Rated: *****
The mark on the cover artwork of this release by long lasting collaborators Frank Mark(samples, programming), Roman Leykam (electric guitars, guitar treatments, guitar synths and guitar drum loops) and Frank Meyer (synths, sound collages, electric guitars, electric bass) was not taken from some ancient book of witchcraft - hex was traditionally a sign to keep evil spirits from houses or places -, but comes from the "magical" naivety 6 years old Joshua Leykam and such a sense of innocent and powerfully magical naivety and child-like way of discerning nature permeate the music that this trio wisely craft. With the exception of some moments, most of tracks on "HEX" are quite simple from the compositional or melodic viewpoint, but the strong point of the explorations by this trio, which orbits around a mixture of cosmic Schultze-like sonorities, ethnic nuances, diluted Pink Floyd-ian space-rock, jazzy inserts and new age sonic entities - including voices of cetaceans -, is the panache of the sounds they melt as well as the refinement of many arabesques, which fully counterbalance some excessively static or predictable stuff ("Place of Refuge", "The Invisible Bound") and provides some good moments for angry eardrums such as the wisely titled "Figments of the Imagination", "Fen Fires" and "Transient World", whose simple looped melodies and general atmosphere reminded to me some stuff by first Zero 7's outputs besides above-mentioned similarities. Will it be enough to keep evil spirits away?

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