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Artist: Mampi Swift
Title: Big Tune EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Charge Recordings (@)
Rated: *****
While many d'n'b followers are waiting for his forthcoming new album, the welcomed coming back of legendary junglist Philip Anim aka Mampi Swift on his own imprint Charge got anticipated by this excellent ep, where he serves four red-hot incendiary tracks: the title-track "Big Tune" - co-signed by Dapz and featuring vocals by Dynamite MC - opens on a swirling sneaking bassline, which could resemble the main theme of Blade Runner, before moving towards fast-rolling movement in between Pendulum's sliding rhythmical patterns and some glorious Bad Company's outputs that could make you jump higher than Michael Jordan or fight better than Neo against Agents; the following "Detroit Bass" (was the title of the same track on Mampi Swift's soundcloud mispelled into "Detriot Bass"? maybe not!) is another highlight of this ep by means of skelter stabbing synths on very fast tech-step hitting and temporary stoppage where robotic devils sound like singing their battle hymn, which got evoked by the more sticky and poisonous sonorities of "Ironside" as well. The release includes a reshuffled version of "Jaws" by Mark "Serum" Gaunt and Andi "Coda" Mackay, who sharpened peckish shark's jaws by phattily distorted beats and synth-driven tremors. Shouts rise bigger and bigger over so big tunes by Mampi Swift's grinding big tunes. Bigger tunes are ready to come...

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