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Artist: Broken Down (@)
Title: First Spit
Format: CD
Label: Altsphere (@)
Rated: *****
'First Spit' is the debut album by Broken Down, a hardcore punk metal project from the South West of France, with industrial and some electronic inclinations. I think it's really the solo project of Jeff Maurer, who, unless he had some unspecified help, gets the sole credit or blame for this unabashed messterpiece. Heavily influenced by Jello Biafra (a lengthy Biafra quote about bands picking a style, sticking to it and putting intelligent members of their audience to sleep is the only liner notes on the CD), yet without a smidgen of Biafra's talent or charisma, Mr. Maurer sings in a gravelly, affected voice through some of the most awful merde this reviewer has ever heard. Fuzzed-out guitar is the main instrument of choice here on 'First Spit', along with your garden variety programmed drum and bass. Maybe there's some electronics used but they're not very obvious. If you had to pick a standout (and I use that word loosely) track on this abomination it would likely be "Doom", a reworking of Eiffel 65's "Blue". As a parody those guys probably deserve a cover of their hit song done up Type-O Neg style (with far less proficiency) with Maurer subbing for Steele, but this is a YouTube curiosity piece at best. I've heard worse than Broken Down, but not by much. If you want to really alienate your friends when they visit (or drive them out when they stay too long), just put on this on and it will certainly do the trick.

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