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Artist: Germanovski
Title: Promise/Confession
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Plush (@)
Rated: *****
Denver-based label Plush, which also developed a branch on the other side of the ocean in South London, a strategic position to grab and spread good tunes in the field of bass-driven music, expands his interesting catalogue by hiring Lithuanian producer Igor Komar aka Germanovski. Even if Plush has not labelled his couple of tracks as drum'n'bass, Igor packs a nice assay of minimal dnb up on "Promise", which got embellished by vaguely balearic breezing sounds, placidly rolling breaks and sparse vocals that could resemble the more chilling side of this branch of drum'n'bass. Breaks sound even more swabbed on the following "Confession", as just some sparse hi-hats as well as a gentle set of softly knocking wooden beats and tribal sounds crack the narcotic sonorities of the track. An awesome and somehow soothing strategy to repaint well-known liquid sonorities by means of some hooks to the fluttering sheets of junglist ghosts.

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