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Artist: Ya Tosiba
Title: Mollah The Machine Remixes
Format: 7"
Label: Pingipung (@)
Rated: *****
"Mollah The Machine", the first release by Ya Tosiba, the Berlin-based collaborative project between Finnish producer and pioneer of Swkee style Mesak and Azeri singer Zuzu Zakaria, was rapidly sold out soon after it got launched in summer 2014, so that Pingipung decided to release the downloadable edition. Some months after such a successfull debut, the label decided to release three nice remixes (two of them are availble on a 7inches vinyl as well): Natalie, Falk and Max of RSS Disco applied their acidulous mid-tempo house and synth--disco recipes to "Masin", whose remix is enjoyable, but it's nothing special to be honest. My favorite one on the vinylic version comes from Patric Catani's alter ego Candie Hank, who preserves the elasticity and the hilarious hook of the original version of "Mollah" by whacky synth-driven squawks and a catchy dubby movement. Likewise funny, the remix of the same track by Cologne-based electronica veteran Schlammpeitziger, who announced he was working on this remix when we interviewed him last February: you'll find his whimsically harmonious and charming make-up of "Mollah" on the digital version of the release.

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