Music Reviews

Artist: Hyperbubble (@)
Title: Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy (Original Soundtrack)
Format: CD
Label: Pure Pop For Now People (@)
Rated: *****
You may recall Hyperbubble from the last review I did on them not too long ago when they released their soundtrack to an indie film called 'Attack of the Titans'. For those who didn't catch it, and don't know Hyperbubble, they are an international visual and performing arts electropop/synthpop duo from San Antonio, Texas consisting of Jeff and Jess DeCuir. So 'Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy' is another soundtrack album to an indie short (very short, thankfully) film that's absolutely awful. The slim plot consists of this slacker girl who's life stinks because can't even sell (girl scout) cookies on earth, but through a mystical potion she ingests, she ends up in space and becomes a guitar goddess. The execution is, well...amateurish doesn't even begin to describe it. Why Hyperbubble persists in getting involved in these junior non-achievment film projects is beyond me. The band puts a lot more effort into the music than the people who make these visual atrocities. The music is mostly kitschy retro space-inspired synthpop and largely instrumental, but not always. A song such as "My Life Stinks" culls its vocal directly from the movie for its entirety - "My life stinks, I really need a change," patheticaly spoke-sung by Dee Dee (Elie Zinsmeister). It's this kind of thing that keeps the album from being listenable more than once or twice, which is too bad because they do come up with some nice quirky electronica instrumentals here. The track "Kingdom of Korg" is notably pretty cool with it's doomy homage to 50's sci-fi flicks, theremin and all. They even manage to come up with some strange, eerie alien atmosphere as on "Planet Theremin". Last track "Queen of the Universe" has a chorus of wordless female voices I really adore, and "Dee Dee's Theme" is a manic synthpunk tune with a neat vocal track that despite its tie to the movie, stands pretty well on its own. Still, I'm not sold; for me there was just too much "movie" in this album. They did win first place for musical score with this at the 2014 48 Hour Film Fest in San Antonio, Texas, but I'm guessing that the competition in the music department may not have been all that strong. The filmmakers are assigned a genre, a character, a prop, and a line of dialogue, and have 48 hours to create a short film containing those elements. I highly doubt Hyperbubble was constrained to that time limit to create the soundtrack. If they were, then this is a miracle. Still, I think the band would be better served if they went back to doing what they do best, namely making quirky, fun, addictive synthpop tunes.

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