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Artist: Hey Exit
Title: Anura
Format: Tape
Label: Lurker Bias
Rated: *****
Anura is a beautiful ambient guitar album, very emotional and deep, recorded by Hey Exit, a young musician living in Brooklyn. It's a surprisingly overlooked release by Chicago based label Lurker Bias, surprisingly because I've really connected with the album and I think it deserves more attention. Most of the tracks on Anura have a melancholic vibe that I really dig. The mixture of echoing guitar and noisy soundscapes are perfect and if a comparison has to be made, Polmo Polpo guitar works comes to mind. It's also in the same vein as Tim Hecker's haunt me, haunt me again. Like those artists, Hey Exit is a real musician who can actually play beautiful harmonies and evolving melodies, unlike a lot of experimental acts who don't seem to be able to shift from noise to music or mix both at the same time, like Hey Exit does. Good examples of this are heard on tracks like 'Puppies (7 Year Rabbit Cycle cover) and 'A Labyrinthine Impulse'. However, I wish there was some kind of unifying theme to the album. A story or message, a unifying idea connecting both the artwork, packaging and music would have made this a great release instead of a good one. As it is, it's a very nice collection of solid tunes and not much more. Overall, I've found the album to be very good but too short (20 minutes), I wish it lasted at least twice as long but at least there's no fillers. The audio cassette is limited to 15 copies, well worth the 6$ it sells for if you ask me. Recommended for fans of shoegaze, dark ambient and sludge.

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