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Artist: Crypto Tropic
Title: s/t
Format: 12"
Label: Le Cabanon Records (@)
Rated: *****
Besides the attractively guessed package - the external blue cardboard has the geometric shed of the label logo which could be cut, while the internal cover portrays some wild plants, where pins, filters and effects could let them match to ghosts or some mysterious treefolks -, the sound by Crypto Tropic, the bicephalous project by Thomas Pujols aka Nebulo (he signed some releases for the excellent Hymen Records as well as a remix on Hecq's "0000" was appraised by many followers of the well-known sub-label of Ant-Zen) and Francois Dumeax aka Druc Drac (he's on Hymen's archive as well - on a collaborative release with Thomas and his own album "Retrofuture" -) is likewise attractive and fascinating: the mysterious electronic cumbia of "Ambiuc" opens side A, which includes some of my favorite moments of the album such as "Byzance", where chirping insects and birds ot melted with computational beeps before exploding into a babbling electronic feast, "Canopee" (French word for "canopy"), whose tingling amalgamation of polyrhythms, intermittent compu-melody and other synth-generated rushes perfectly render the reverie which could be inspired by the contemplation of reticular tree crowns and waving pins and needles, "Ternal", whose simple sequence sounds like getting injected under listener's skin by an electric buzzing, and "Cryptes", one of the most fascinating moment of the whole release, whose slightly hypnotical melody couls equally evoke some space mediatations by Vangelis and the mysterious charm of places like Rosslyn Chapel. B side features the dub-tech step of "50ð", whose sonorities seems to mirror a mirage in the middle of a desert, the amazing computational medley of "Art5", the whooshes of "Mori", the estranged obliquity of "Tropes" and the amazing "Tropiques", whose adventurous dynamics, driven by sizzling elements that sounds like getting hotter and hotter, makes it another highlight of the release. They included a code that listener could redeem on label's bandcamp - I could recommend to listen to Crypto Tropic in some mysterious place (an abandoned old building or a wood), but playing it on a desk could be much more uncomfortable than playing it from an mp3 player! - as well as a map, including a "bird-eye" view and geographic coordinates of supposedly cryptic tropical places. I'll check them as soon as possible.

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