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Artist: Niedowierzanie
Title: Paradise
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Rated: *****
Niedowierzanie is a french composer living in Berlin whose musical output is at the crossroad of modern classical, electronic music and folk. Most of the tracks are made out of acoustic instruments like cello, accordion and mandoline which are treated and juxtaposed creating subtle masses of drones.
The gentle notes of "Neige Noire" open this release and immerse the listener into a pit of layers of sounds centered upon a filtered accordion. "Credere" uses the same structure but it's based on the mandolin and the cello. "Irrintzi" is a quiet tune which let emerge the more reflexive side of this musical output while "Vous Voulez Ma Peau" expose the most noisy side of this formula as it features distortions to be enjoyed at relatively high volume in the first part and are resolved in a crystal clear drone. "Les Horizons Perdus" mirrors this structure in a shorter form while "#9" closes this release with the hypnotic resonances of the acoustic instruments.
While it's not a particularly impressive release in the realm of form, it has a sort of familiar feeling that gives this release an allure of something to hear whenever possible. A nice release.

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