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Artist: Pines
Title: The Field Journal
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: Time Released Sound (@)
Rated: *****
The memories that could be activated from the vision of a smoldering stump of an old tree you considered a friend when you was a child or the singed ear of a corn from a burnt field where you took pices of straws you liked to put in your teeth. This 18-minutes lasting release by North Carolina-based musician Zachary Corsa aka Pines smells like it: the opening "Wolf Teeth Revisited", whose reversed charred melodies could resemble those nostalgic intro of some Boards Of Canada's albums that seem to come from miraculously regenerated neurons where those memories were stocked, suddenly evoke such a nostalgic setting as well as that vague sense of gone harmony and heartedness, which got perfectly rendered by the slightly anxious arpeggio of "To And Fro, To And Fro" and the iridiscent stifled screams on the following "Years In The Faded Light", smelling like some stuff by Labradford, Stars Of The Lid or Boduf Songs. Those memories seem to stream into an atraumatic canula that got introduced in the ear channel on 'Hidden Hill By Night-Hour', whose anesthetic drugs activate bucolic and somehow elegiac images on the following 'Like Felled Ghosts Beneath Depthless Grey Skies' as well as more foggy nuanced templates on the final 'We Found A Star Decaying In A Meadow'æ', the moment when a sort of (even aural) redemption occurs. Some copies of the limited edition, which got housed in a vintage, 4' square zip disc case, including an 8 panel, accordion style fold out hand-typed by an old typewriter print, each panel of which is hand colored with dirt, grass and flowers and pencil, covered inside and out with unique, antique pastoral snapshots, are still available. Concisely inspiring.

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