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Artist: Torque Order (@)
Title: Trust No One
Format: CD
Label: New Regime Records
Rated: *****
From Austin, Texas comes Torque Order, a three person Industrial Metal rock group consisting of Loz (vocals, programming); Josef Pfost (guitar); and Jaye Lee Vincent (percussion). The first and most obvious thing about this band is the album cover's obviously similarity to KFMDM album covers. (Not the same designer though.) The music is pretty similar too, except for the lack of the occasional KMFDM female vocals. Torque Order is a little heavier on the guitars and lighter on the electronics, and they also make copious use of dialogue samples as evidenced on the opener, "Nothing to Lose" as there are actually more spoken words on this track than Loz's lyrics. Loz sings in that screamed hoarse vocal style of Combichrist's Andy LaPlegua, suitably appropriate for this kind of guitar-driven Industrial. Further on down the line Torque Order relies more on Loz's vocals than samples, much to my relief. Songwriting is simple but effective, and nicely varied within the confines of the genre, which is all you could hope for from a band like this. Some tracks are better than others, and I can't pick a hit here, but a number of them should go down well on the dark dancefloor, taking names and kicking ass. I don't know why they chose to cover AwolNation's "Sail" but I actually found it more engaging than the original, given the Torque treatment. For a debut album, Torque Order's 'Trust No One' is pretty damn good. This is a band with an agenda though; they claim to be a movement to liberate the world from the System's, bland, cookie cutter music. Well, good luck with that, but they've got my vote. On the CD packaging is states: "Dedicated to exposing the corrupt systems of governance throughout the world, the legislators and enforcers of 'morality' and the greedy vultures who prey on the weak. Your days are numbered." Ah, the idealism of youth. Don't buy the rhetoric, buy the album.

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