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Artist: Mutamassik (@)
Title: Symbols Follow
Format: 12"
Label: Discrepant (@)
Rated: *****
After having gained a reputation as a skilled turntablist, Italo-egyptian composer Giulia Loli aka Mutamassik blows out in the tube of thought-provoking and heart-rending listening by an impressive sonic fan, which cannot be disjointed by the turbulent period as well as the hypocrist and duplicity of western governments about the difficult situation in Islamic countries. Her aware and smart smorgasbord of tribal rhythmical patterns, shaking breaks (she handled both of them at her best on wonderful tracks like "Rhythms Rattle on Death Pawns" or the initial Ke Nin Kai"), mental primers which seem to render the thoughts of the character portrayed on the cover artwork by means of catchy Arabian scented textures ("Hearts Blink their Morse Code", "Long Beards"), muffled rackets, vocal cutting, occasional raids typical turntablist techniques (such as the amazing use of scratches on "On(e) Foot (in), On(e) Foot (out)"), dusty vynil hissing (like the one she used on "Camus", which manages to render the agonizing description of "The Plague") and clips that sound like having being torn through memories of ancient and fogotten rites or Arabian nights get more and more synesthetic; Mutamassik's creativity intertwines with evocative spiritual visions that result in sonic streams where a selection of a few sounds comes alive by means of masterfully crafted textures. Masterfully mastered by ubiquitous Rashad Becker, it comes on just 500 vinyl copies that got released by excellent Discrepant.

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