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Artist: Alcalica
Title: ΥΔΩΡ
Format: 12"
Label: Photovoltaic Records
Rated: *****
Named after the Greek word for "water", this new album by Alcalica, an interesting duo by Anglo-Greek producer Leon Danezos (caring beats and electronics as well as other instruments such as Iranian santoor or Greek baglamas) and Italian/German artist Julie Loi (the lyricist and the poet of this bicephalous entity as well as the playr of African kalimba and other small instruments) renders the ideal sonic bridge between Berlin and Lesbos, the cities where they mainly operates. The daily trial of strenght between Greece and Germany, which is going to leave deep grooves on European contemporary history, and some topical issues of some Alcalica's songs such as "Gladio", referring to the same-named anti-subversive organization within Italian secret service, which was involved in a number of massacres and bombing attempts as well as in surgical manipulation of public opinion, the emotional portrait of stark reality within a world where rich people get richer and richer at the expense of the poor ones on "Fear" or the title-track, which refers to the problem of access to clean water by most of people on our planet and the related business of bottled mineral water, makes their impressive stylistical crossbreed (they used to call it "Industrial World Music") even more attractive: the matching between elements from Rebetiko tradition and its hypnotic melodies, a style of Greek folk music which became the voice of marginalized people in many moments of modern Greek history, enchanting Aegean melodies and bass-driven electronic music is clear since the opening "Crumbling" where a sort of slightly corrosive trip-hop movement balance the livid tirade by Julie and the sallow anguished tones of Rebetiko melodies.

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