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Artist: Galati (@)
Title: Mother
Format: CD
Label: Psychonavigation Records (@)
Rated: *****
Galati is the work of Italian artist Roberto Galati, who explains that 'I make slow, psychedelic, ambient music' and that 'synthesizers, guitars, basses are my means of expression.' He describes this album in a pretty long discourse that begins, 'Mother is a diary of a long trip, reporting my personal search for answers and for my own self. It's about letting go, leaving behind; it means gaining simplicity and innocence. I've been observing a metamorphosis in myself, it started in Greenland, it continued during the winter months between 2012 and 2013, and went on to far-off lands of Tibet, in the shadow of Mount Everest, the Mother Goddess of the Universe.' OK... let's see how it translates musically. 'Mother I' kicks it off with some nice, spacey synth-based ambient. Imagine a soundtrack to a science fiction space film, and you'd be off to a good start. But this has some good complexity to it; it isn't just heavy drone. For example, there is a nice melody of chimes running through the piece. 'Mother II' is a nice slab of noisy dark ambient, where everything seems about ready to blow away on the force of the wind. 'Mother III' Keeps the same gritty feel going, but adds a marching snare and indecipherable vocals. It is like listening to an army coming toward you in the distance. 'Mother IV' changes it up a bit with some orchestral drone. The overall feel is like hearing a band warm up in slow motion, stretched out over 10 minutes. It is much more pleasant than it sounds, and reminds me of Russian dark ambient artist Kshatry. Finally, 'Mother V' brings it together with drone that blends into marching percussion and crashing cymbals. This is like hearing a parade in your dreams. Overall, this is nicely done soundscape that avoids falling into the trap of becoming uninteresting. Galati mixes it up and brings just the right blend of noisiness and drone to keep everything engaging. This album weighs in at around 75 minutes.

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