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Artist: Docetism
Title: Breaking The Circle Of Life
Format: CD
Label: Tavern Eightieth (@)
Rated: *****
I had not heard of this Polish project, but the label explains that the album 'explores the idea of a peaceful escape from life and the service of impulse and desire, aiming to express the possible contents of such an escape. The result is a set of gentle, moving ambient productions combining forest field recordings and murky choral samples with dubby bass and thick, droning strings.' Sounds good, so let's get into the music. 'Poisons' kicks it off with a 2 minute track of peaceful dark ambient. Then 'Parsifal' shifts gears as the clouds part and the sun appears overhead. Peaceful, hypnotic music with a bass line buried low in the mix (at first I thought it was coming from the car next to me). 'Forest Monks' brings the beat to the forefront with a prominent bass drum and voices singing and chanting. The overall feel is still pretty chill, though. Next up, 'The Wheel Of Ixion Stands Still,' a title which comes from the Schopenhauer quote in the liner notes, keeps the mellow vibe going with slow moving, peaceful ambiance and ethereal female vocals. Finally, 'Samadhi' features heavily processed spoken word that seems to be guiding a meditation session at the beginning, middle, and end. Singing bowl tones open and close the track while heavy drone permeates the track. A bass beat runs through it like a heartbeat, adding to the contemplative feel. The best way to describe this disc is something to put on when you need to slow everything down. Very chill stuff. This album is limited to 100 copies and weighs in at around 32 minutes.

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